GiGi New York

I was going to film a video early this morning and post it for you, since I usually try to upload a new video every Friday.  But… I woke up with a massive migraine and did not feel like touching makeup or being on camera.  

Instead, I decided I would share my latest obsession: these gorgeous GiGi New York bags.  Besides the bags coming in beautiful colors and classic shapes, they can all be monogrammed.  Who doesn't love seeing their initials in chic little gold-foil embossing each time they pick up their bag or iPad case?!  
I.  Am.  In.  Love.

Click any of the items in the photo above to shop!!  I've also included links in case the clickable photo isn't showing up for some of you. 

Side note:  Lately, I've been tagging my layouts with @tortsandatiara.  To me this made sense, thinking… The details for this layout are at TortsandaTiara.com.  But I realize this probably looks like I'm tagging an Instagram profile when mine is really @brittanypillard.  I apologize for any confusion!!  I do own the Instagram name @tortsandatiara but I do not use it.  I only use @brittanypillard. 

Bon Weekend!!


Wedding Planning 101

[Earrings]  [Necklace]  [Blazer]  [Shirt]  [Pants]  [Tote]  [Heels]

Lately, a lot of my wedding planning has been in the form of lots of emails and meetings.  When my planner and I meet at her office, we are sometimes in workout clothes in between errands.  But when we meet at a coffee shop, when I meet with church officials, and when I meet with the venue or with various vendors I want to look polished and a bit professional.  Not bridal necessarily, but put together.

We're getting ready for a round of planning meetings next week and I wanted to show you an example of what I would wear.  Depending on your work environment, this could double as a great business casual outfit.  

One of my wardrobe essentials is a classic blue blazer.  I bought mine years ago and continue to wear it multiple times nearly every season.  The one pictured above is from J.Crew Factory and currently on sale for $118 - a bargain for a quality blazer.

For planning meetings I always like to have a roomy tote for my agenda, notes, and lists.  I lean toward bringing an iPad instead of my laptop since my laptop is heavy and cumbersome and I usually just need a place to access my email, Pinterest boards, various websites, and my guest list.  The more simple, the better when wedding planning!!

If I'm going to be walking a lot; touring the venue, shopping for bridesmaid dresses, or going to multiple meetings with vendors in one day I prefer to wear a comfortable heel or flat.

Click any of the items above to shop.  I included links below the photo in the event the clickable photo is not working!!

Happy Wedding Wednesday!!



It appears many of us are craving a little SPARKLE in our lives these days!!  If you're like Khloe and need some sparkle and shine, check out my previous sparkly blog post on major bling to help your wardrobe make a statement this Fall.

In addition to her love of sparkle, Khloe seems like she would be so entertaining to spend time with, right?!  I'm just hoping we get to have another glimpse into her well-stocked closet.

On September 25th, we'll find out exactly what SPARKLE Khloe is talking about in this video… I can't wait to meet him!!  Do you think she'll break out those amazing glitter heels for the reveal??  You can find the upcoming reveal video on the #INeedSparkle YouTube channel.

In the meantime, you can satisfy all your sparkle needs at the #INeedSparkle website.

In Sparkle We Trust.

Heaven Hill Family of Brands. Bardstown, KY © 2014


Autumn in the Park

After getting back from my girlfriend's beautiful wedding in the mountains last weekend, poor J had to turn around and get on a plane for meetings in Chicago.  I was dealing with some sick/injured doggies during the week (we think all is well now!!) and I flew to meet J in Chicago for another wedding last weekend.  Talk about a whirlwind weekend!!

The wedding was at Shoreacres Country Club overlooking Lake Michigan… It was a lovely night; J and I had so much fun dancing.  Luckily, we managed to find time to enjoy the beautiful Fall weather with a quick walk in the park and spent time with J's family, even getting to meet his new little niece. 

We are both exhausted today… But were thankful to come home and enjoy some comfort food and a little relaxation with the dogs last night.  

You can click on any of the photos down below to shop the look I'm wearing above.  Wishing you all a wonderful week!! 


Fall Makeup Haul

Fall 2014 Fashion Posts:

Happy #FilmFriday!!  Click on any of the photos below to shop the products I mentioned in the video.


Gray Scale

May we all stand a little more united today.  May we all be a little kinder today.  Wherever you are, take a moment today to reflect on that day in 2001 when our country remembered to stand strong.  

As the temperature drops, I'm seeking out cozy fabrics and Fall colors.  Hover over any item in the photo above, then click to shop!!  


Palm Beach.

I know you're all probably getting sick of seeing our engagement photos, but… I drank kale and worked out for 2 weeks before we took them, so I'm giving myself a free pass for excessive posting.  Don't be surprised if I inundate this blog with post-wedding photography as well; denying myself daily Reese's Pieces has to be good for something, even if it's just a few more Wedding Wednesdays!! 

After we had taken our photos in and around The Breakers courtyard, lawns, and pools, we headed down to the oceanfront to take some photos on the stunning rocks dotting the sand.  We took a few more shots, then started heading back toward the pools and hotel… We were exhausted and looking forward to a nice big meal (no photographed waistlines considered!)

"Well, I think we're done… Unless you guys want to jump in the ocean or something!!" our photographer said, laughing.  She was clearly joking; she smiled at her assistant as they started to pack up their cameras.

John and I looked at each other, then down at his pristine linen suit and my brand new silk dress.  How many times are you on the beach shooting engagement photos with the love of your life?!  We decided to go for it… With a little direction from our photographer, we got the most artistic and beautiful photos  in the sand and in the ocean together.  Covered in sand, we ended up jumping in the Breakers pool to rinse off and take a few more photos.  

Our first outfit change was very much about neutral colors and classic shapes… You can find those photos and all about Worth Avenue here.  In that blog post, I also recreated my LBD look with inexpensive alternatives. 

This beachy look was our second outfit change… The first half of our photos as well as my outfit details can be found in my last Wedding Wednesday blog post here.  I couldn't narrow these photos down to just one blog post because they're my favorite; we were relaxed and comfortable in these photos since we had been shooting for three hours and the setting sun provided the perfect backdrop.

I was certain my dress would be ruined from all the salt water, sand, and chlorine… But after being dry cleaned it came back to me in perfect condition.  I was so thankful!!  

Since I've gotten so many compliments on this look I decided to style this look with more affordable options for both day and night so you can recreate the look.  Click on any photo below to shop. 



Hair and Makeup:  Tatjana Terzic (Looking Like A Star)
Photography:  Chris Joriann Photography