Bridal Bikini Style

Let me preface by saying I hope the above situation improves before the wedding… For the sake of my wedding dress and the fabulous lingerie my girls showered me with!!  And shoutout to my flamingo friend for hiding all that Chanel cake and champagne!! 

But… Saturday we spent the day by the ├╝ber-chic Viceroy pool.  It's not one of the day clubs, but instead has a very relaxed yet glamorous atmosphere.  Soft music, fruit-infused ice water, and a waiter to bring any cold drinks or dining you may want.  It was the perfect atmosphere for some girl talk and our "How Well Do You Know the Bride?" game.

Instead of the typical white bridal bikini, I had to break out my latest palm print one from Target (similar here).  I paired it with my favorite Lilly Pulitzer coverup (on SALE right now!!) and bright Ray-Ban sunnies.  I don't mind wearing wedges when we're at a nice pool and I want to feel pretty, but I always bring my trusty Jack Rogers along for something comfortable.  I got this veil-and-tutu combo on Etsy.

In the late afternoon, we slipped on maxi dresses and skirts and walked to the outdoor retail haven, Third Street Promenade.  Live music greeted us and we had a late lunch at the healthy-and-fresh little spot called The Curious Palate.  I cannot get enough fresh salads, seafood, and fruit when I'm in California.

I came back to a beautiful bouquet from J waiting for me, which absolutely melted my heart.  I wish I could have hauled it home with me on the plane!!

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OOTN: Dinner at the Viceroy

We spent this past weekend in Boulder, Colorado to celebrate our friends John and Dana's marriage.  John was a groomsman so he had a bit more responsibility than myself, who was able to show up, dance, and enjoy the macaroons!!  I love weddings and getting to see that magical moment at the ceremony when two people become one, united front.  It's incredible.

  We had such a great time but we came back to a home with half-unpacked suitcases, an empty fridge, and remnants of the past two months of weekend travel littering our floor.  Stacks of mail and little piles of laundry.  Somehow I feel that I've reached my traveling max this summer.  I need time at home; to get caught up on the laundry and my life.  I need to have a fridge full of healthy food and be hitting the gym consistently instead of having 3-4 days to unpack and repack for the next weekend.  Do you guys ever feel like this??  We are blessed with so many happy events in our lives, but I can't help but feel like I've been rushing through this entire summer just trying to catch up.

I decided to float back to last weekend in Santa Monica for today's blog post.  This outfit was too cute to skip out on!! 

While all my girlfriends wore florals or prints, I went with a subtle bridal look with a touch of ivory and blush, our wedding colors.  I paired this ivory crop top with a blush skirt from BCBG.  The crop top only showed a sliver of skin when I moved, and the high-waisted skirt made my legs look so long!!  I paired it with gold and white accents, carrying my nude-blush YSL clutch.  

We had a candlelit dinner at our hotel, The Viceroy, enjoying the balmy ocean air under one of their seriously chic tents.  This hotel provided some incredible photo ops - I want my whole house to look like this!!  Imagine black and white decor, accented with pops of green and charcoal gray.  Statuesque ceramic greyhounds guard the elevators and chill green lighting lines the walls at night.

After dinner, we enjoyed some time to chat and enjoy a rooftop overlooking the ocean with soft music playing in the background.  I miss connecting with these ladies in person!!  We're spread out all over the US and so busy; I cherish the moments when we can catch up on each other's lives in the same place.

We headed back to our hotel room (see my post on all our Lilly-themed decor and details!!) and my MOH had planned the most incredible lingerie shower for me!!  It was so much fun; as I opened each gift I could see a bit of each girl in their lingerie choice for me.  We laughed and giggled; these are the times I love the best with them.

My MOHs brought the best gifts for all the girls, so some of us indulged in some beauty treatments before hopping into our pajamas.  My girlfriends presented me with this handmade scrapbook; each of them had created a page or two of our favorite photos and their favorite recipes.  I was overwhelmed; these girls are so great to me, I couldn't be more lucky.

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Santa Monica Sunshine

In case you're wondering, cake is a perfectly acceptable breakfast after staying up way too late chatting with your girlfriends and sipping champagne.

It's a wonder we ever left our hotel suite, with the incredible Lilly Pulitzer inspired decor my MOHs created!!  I woke up certain that I was in the middle of a confetti-covered dream.  But we seized the day with a frosting high and headed to the Santa Monica Pier for some rides and games.  We even tried our luck at tandem biking down the beach (harder than it looks), had lunch at Blue Plate Taco, and spent the afternoon in the sand and surf. 

I wish I had snapped a better photo of this Lilly Pulitzer skort I wore, but we were having too much fun!!  You can't focus on blog photography while lounging about like a mermaid in the sand.

I was a bit worried about wearing the seersucker fabric to all these different activities, but this cute little skort kept up amazingly and still looked crisp and preppy when we headed down to the beach.  Let me tell you, it looks even cuter paired with a bikini top!!

Shop the pieces down below to get the look.  

Changes:  My MOH gave all the girls pink sunnies and gave me a pair of white floral ones… I'm loving this similar Lilly Pulitzer pair with a hint of gold.  I couldn't find the aqua Kate Spade bag I've been carrying, but I was able to find it in orange… And on sale for 33% off!!


Lilly Pulitzer Bachelorette

Pennant Banner - Nico & Lala. Tassel Banner - Hobby Lobby.
Banner - Etsy. Details on welcome gifts under photos below.

Tee, gift box, and flamingo straws - Nico and Lala.  Decorated bucket - Hobby Lobby. Bath Goodies - Bath & Body Works.  Snacks - Target.  Gift Box with sunglasses, nail polish, nail file, and face mask - Von Maur

Glitter banner - Etsy.  Tassel banner - Hobby Lobby (the girls mixed pink and green).

Water bottle labels and flamingo straws - Nico and Lala. Lilly cups from Swoozies. Lilly napkins from Country Club Prep. Floral paper bowls for snacks from Target. Confetti from The Confetti Bar.  

We recycled this banner from AW's bachelorette party. Tissue poms - Hobby Lobby.

Tee, gift box, tumbler, and "Hangover Kit" - Nico & Lala.

"Hangover Kit" with saltines, Advil, gum, and makeup wipes - Nico & Lala. I added: Facial mask - Target. Champagne-spiked gummy bears - Sugarfina.

Gift box and custom Brittany loves John tumbler - Nico & Lala

Confetti - The Confetti Bar.

Some people say that their bachelorette/bachelor party is "one last night to be single".  In my opinion, it's not… I stopped being single a while ago.  Let me tell you, when we were single, my girlfriends and I had enough crazy bachelorette nights to last a lifetime!!  I could tell you some stories that would make your hair curl!!  And that's how it should be… Your single years are for you to be a little crazy, make a few mistakes, make some decisions that are perfectly right for that moment, and to learn and grow as a person.  I don't regret a single moment!!

"I'm still a bad girl… I still have that side of me, it's just in its place now.  It belongs to Brad… Or our adventures." 
- Angelina Jolie

My parents always tell me… Marriage and relationships are hard enough; don't create obstacles and issues that aren't necessary.  I didn't want to start out a lifelong commitment with questionable, shady behavior.  I didn't want to be making out with some guy in da club or doing blowjob shots out of someone's lap… I felt it wasn't right to John.  And luckily, my girlfriends felt the same and we had the most amazing girly weekend in Santa Monica, California.  We had plenty of beach time, a slumber party, and ended the weekend with a drag queen show and a stop by my favorite gay bar.  

But for today, I just wanted to show you some photos of all our incredible Lilly Pulitzer-themed decor and gifts.  I was shocked and astounded by the amount of time and effort my bridesmaids, especially my Maid and Matron of Honor, put into this beautiful room.  The entire room was like walking into a Lilly dream, with the cutest gifts on everyone's beds, and lots of snacks and drinks waiting for post-sunshine starvation!!

On Thursday, we freshened up and headed out to a restaurant overlooking the Pacific Ocean.  You can see what I wore in this blog post - I quickly fell in love with this versatile $24 maxi dress on the trip and styled it for both day and night!!  After dinner, we got into pajamas and had a little slumber party on the beds.  My friend LD bought me the most amazing Chanel bag cake I've ever seen!!  It was stunning.  We definitely indulged in that fantastic raspberry-flavored cake and ice cold champagne… You can't have a slumber party without champagne!! 

I am so lucky to have these girls in my life… They are the best and it's so easy for all of us to chat and laugh like no time has passed since the last time we were together.  They get along so well with friends from different parts of my life… It's just a testament to what great people they all are.



Day-To-Night Maxi

Let's just say I am in love with this maxi… And its $24 price tag.  This weekend I went to Santa Monica with my girlfriends for a girly bachelorette vacation.  I found myself pulling this dress out again and again… It's comfortable and extremely flattering.



I wore this with my favorite nude strappy heels and sleek nude clutch on Thursday night for an oceanside dinner with my ladies.  Then I styled it with a black cross-body bag, glam little sandals, and black hat for a chic look at an afternoon of retail therapy on Saturday.  I've also added two pairs of inexpensive sunnies for day and night that would look bomb.com with this maxi.  Add a little leather jacket or scarf to transition into Fall.

Lastly, I didn't feel I could write this post without mentioning the passing of Robin Williams.  That man's smile lit up my entire childhood… I can't imagine why such a successful, talented, generous man would feel sad and depressed, but I know depression is an all-consuming disease that doesn't discriminate.  This year I lost one of my girlfriends to suicide and so Robin's death hit very close to home for me.  

I want every single one of you to know how much I appreciate you… I look forward to your comments and your tweets every day.  I do what I do because I have readers who care.  And if you are ever feeling sad or alone, please reach out to me… Send me an email at tortsandatiara@gmail.com.  If I can help just one person to know how much they matter, I'll consider my work a success.  Please know that you matter.  And please know that I care.  



Pops of turquoise.  White jeans.  Alex and Ani arm stack.

No Summer trip to South Dakota is complete without stopping at the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally.  And no, it's not as crazy as some people make it out to be.  My dad is usually hunting around for some motorcycle part or accessory and I enjoy the custom boots, Western jewelry, and leather.

I lived in this comfy Leith tee last weekend… It's so soft and really flattering the way the back is slightly longer than the front.  Right now this tee is on sale at Nordstrom… 2 for $48.  It's so easy to wear; it's perfect.

My aqua boots are custom by Murga Boot Company.  My turquoise ring and belt are from the South Dakota boutique Jewel of the West.  I've found some similar (and less expensive!) options down below.  Just click a photo to shop.