Train Reaction

J and I went to dinner with some friends and explored the new Union Station here in Denver.  I love anything vintage that has been made new and fresh again... I think the spirit of old things stay with us and there's a certain energy there that can't be duplicated.  This is the same reason I love old hotels, old cars, and vintage accessories.  

Union Station is a mix of travelers with headphones, waiting for their next train.  People of all ages enjoying the great restaurants and shops tucked inside.  Young people in chic outfits heading upstairs to the the secret bar, Cooper Lounge

I wore one of my favorite outfits - a sheer blouse and skinny jeans with heels.  If I had only looked at this blouse online I never would have purchased it, but on the body it becomes so airy and delicately sexy.  It's my new favorite top.  It's just sheer enough that you can see the outline or texture of a really sexy bra underneath... I wore a soft pink La Perla bra and you could just make out the slightest hint of lace.

I also have been really impressed with Alex and Ani's new Spring collection... I'm wearing a tassel necklace and stack of bracelets from them above.  I've linked all the pieces I'm wearing in the slide down below. 

Happy Monday!! 


Our Wedding Trailer

I am so excited to be able to show you a little sneak peek into our wedding day!!  

VHVIDEO.COM were our videographers for our wedding weekend and they also visited us to film our couple's story during Colorado's beautiful Fall before the wedding.  It was a way for us to tell our love story to people who might only know John or only know me at our wedding.  The video was beautiful, even showcased our dogs, and was shown on giant video monitors after guests entered the reception from the cocktail party.  

VHVIDEO.COM was so incredible to work with we had no doubts they would make our wedding day enjoyable and capture all the moments that were near and dear to our hearts for us to look back on and remember always.  Any of you who are married know that after the wedding you can feel a little sad it's all over, and photo and video can help you relive that special day for years to come.

I wanted to give you this little sneak peek into our special day before I begin sharing all our moments event by event next week.  Enjoy!! 



Reluctantly saying goodbye to St. Barth, we boarded a tiny island-hopper plane for a 15-minute flight to Anguilla, a long and thin British island lying directly north of St. Maarten where we first arrived from the U.S.  The island is much different than volcanic-formed, hilly St. Barth.  Anguilla was formed from limestone and coral and is very flat, with much less vegetation.

The people in Anguilla are warm, friendly, and always on island time.  It's best not to get in a rush or hurry because no one else is... And you'll quickly find how wonderful it feels to be so relaxed with nothing to do and no place to go.

After landing in Anguilla and quickly making it through customs,we headed to our resort, the Viceroy Anguilla in the beautiful Barnes Bay... With over 3,200 feet of stunning powder-soft beach with picturesque rock outcroppings and waves crashing recklessly onto the sand.

The Viceroy Anguilla's sophisticated, contemporary interiors were designed by Kelly Wearstler, one of my favorite designers.  They blend perfectly with the wildly natural, beautiful Anguillan surroundings.

Besides being gorgeous and insanely chic, the Viceroy Anguilla provides a great scene for entertainment and wonderful cuisine.  Our favorite spots??  A romantic restaurant called Coba overlooking the waves, a tucked-away little beach shack The Half Shell serving incredible Mediterranean food just feet away from the sand, and a trendy little bar called The Sunset Lounge with live music overlooking the beach.  Although it wasn't as good as the prime French cuisine available on St. Barth, the food was delicious and much of it was European-inspired, which is our favorite.  Some traditional Caribbean fare is available at nearby restaurants and at special little events like street fairs the resort hosts throughout the weeks.

We were so beachy in Anguilla... Honestly, all we did was relax and read books by the pool, walk along the ocean waves, and drink and eat way too many delicious things.  We spent time at the stunning spa, getting massages overlooking the ocean and lounging in spa robes on the hanging bed outside the spa watching the waves and sipping fruit-infused water.

We really just wanted to relax and connect with one another.  I didn't take as many photos as I had planned because we really wanted to just enjoy each other and soak up the time we had before we flew back home.  I have to say, toward the end of our trip I started feeling really sad it was coming to an end.  I think I get really sentimental about things, just like every year when Christmas is over, I feel so sad and wish I could rewind a week!!  Isn't that silly??  But it's true.

Anguilla is one of those places you go to decompress and unwind.  Visit the spa in the mornings, take a few energizing fitness classes, lay by the pool.  There are a few activities outside the resorts, but not much.  And honestly we enjoyed our resort so much, we just didn't really venture out beyond it.

Can you believe this is my last honeymoon post??  Our wedding weekend posts will begin next week - I can't wait!!  I'm so excited to share our journey with you guys.  Also... I've been working on some exciting things for my blog and I'm so looking forward to the finished product and to see what you guys think!!

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Boho Sunshine

"I've chosen to be happy because it is good for my health."
- Voltaire

Do you ever get a little mopey and down on everything?  Maybe someone hasn't been nice to you or things are stressful at work or home?  I ran across this quote and it touched my heart.  There is so much negativity in our world and I'm not sure why because each day we wake up is truly a blessing.  Not to get too philosophical on you, but when you think about it aren't we so lucky to have the gift of life?

I've been working on some exciting stuff to take this sacred space of mine even farther.  I love inspiring you with style and beauty tips, but I also want to be a positive force in this crazy world and if I could inspire you to do the same, just think how much positivity we could generate together!  

These photos were taken during our little mini-vacay in California this month.  We were enjoying the warm sunshine and soaking it up like sponges.  This dress is one of my favorites I purchased for our honeymoon and I couldn't wait to wear it again in California.  There's something about a beautiful cream boho dress that makes any day or event feel so fresh and ethereal.

Wishing you a little sunshine... And lots of happiness this week!


Secret Garden

Oh, how I adored this serene little garden at The Langham Hotel in Pasadena.  We discovered it on a morning walk before breakfast.

I found this cute outfit at Nordstrom before I left on my trip.  I immediately fell in love with the beautiful pattern and coral embroidery in the skirt... There is an adorable matching top that would really make a great outfit with this skirt, but ultimately I decided to go with this laser-cut white top because I felt I could pair it with more.  The length is really flattering and to be blunt, the little ruffle gives an extra boost to your bust!!

This is perfect for spring and summer date nights, graduations, weddings, and parties.  As you guys know, I really love items I can dress up or dress down.  This one is easy to dress down a bit more with strappy gladiator-style sandals and adding a simple fitted white tank.

Right now Nordstrom is hosting their Triple Points Event where Nordstrom cardholders can get triple the points on dollars spent in stores and online.  I love purchasing items during this event because it means Nordstrom Notes coming my way... More free dollars in my pocket!!  The event ends on Sunday March 22nd, so hurry!!  It's a great time to stock up on beauty products and basics, or treat yourself to some spring goodies.

If you follow me on Twitter, I tweeted last night about adding a little marble charm to the beaded stack I've been wearing lately.  Pandora is having their Free Bracelet Promo right now, offering a free bracelet with any $100+ purchase.  It's a great time to add a bracelet to your stack, or purchase a gift for someone... You automatically get the bracelet free, so I've used the promo as a way to start a bracelet for a bride or a new mommy.  This promo ends Sunday March 22nd.

I don't even want to tell you about this next promo, but I will because I am a good blogger... Lilly Pulitzer is offering a free gift with any purchase, and the gifts continue to add on and get better as you spend more!!  This promo is only Saturday March 21st and trust me, the gifts sell out... So if you're looking to get a cute free Lilly keychain, free Lilly jewelry set, or even a free Lilly tote, you need to have your shopping list handy and purchase your items as soon as you can on Saturday.  I've waited before and lost out on getting some of my favorite exclusive gifts because as soon as they're gone, they're gone.

Wishing you all some beautiful spring weather this weekend... Take time to get outside and be thankful that the days are getting longer and warmer!! 

Have you all been hearing everyone complain about their basketball brackets for March Madness??  I understand that it's fun, but people have really been getting worked up over it on social media!!  So my husband decided to be funny and present me with a bracket of my own... A "Fashion Final Four"!!  I thought it was so funny, I decided to fill it out based on the best fashion for Spring/Summer 2015!!  Here are my winners:

If you want to make a bracket with me, you can download the blank form here.  Fill in with your favorite brands or use the ones J listed above.  Tag me on Instagram or Twitter (@brittanypillard) and use the hashtag #FashionFinalFour so I can see who you chose!!  Have fun!!

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